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Hi, I'm Brittney

My life has always revolved around embracing creativity in all its forms. I've been fortunate to carve out a successful career in musical theater, gracing stages not just in New York but across the United States. This artistry I immersed myself in has given me the skills to connect with every person individually.


Over the years, my passion for visual design began to flourish. There is nothing more rewarding than creating a piece of work that is pleasing to the eye! After the joy I found in designing my own invitations and helping countless other couples create theirs, I knew it was time to start my own business. With the support of my husband, my family (and of course, my mini dachshund, Freddy) Petite Fionné was born. 


I cherish every chance to collaborate with couples seeking that perfect initial statement. I am so excited to work with you and to share this experience together!


Me and ...

my loved ones!

I am married to my bestfriend, Niall.

I am a dog mom to Freddy, our mini dachshund


 After 10 years of living in New York City,our family of 3 just moved to London!

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